About Alena

Alena Padovani, Float Hostess

Western Herbal Medicine Specialist

Alena’s is the newest addition to Sunshine Float and Integrated Health and we are so thrilled to have her here!

She will be answering phones, booking appointments, changing over float rooms and helping you have a fantastic float and/or sauna session at Sunshine Float and Integrated Health!

Alena’s passion is Western Herbal Medicine in that she has completed her diploma for and she is starting a new business. Alena really walks the talk.

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Herbology as my Career Choice:

I have been studying Western Herbal Medicine and Phytotherapy over the last 5 years at Pacific Rim College in Victoria B.C. and through Wild Rose College based in Alberta. I have recently received my Diploma in Phytotherapy and have my Master Herbalist certification.

To me, the use of plant medicines played a big part in my recovery and continued good health. This is the reason for my interest in Herbology as a career path. I have been inspired by my personal experiences, my teachers, mentors, and fellow herbalists. I have also been very encouraged by my clients, friends, and family who have been using my products with excellent results.

BioVita is a small home-based business providing a selection of organic herbs and mushrooms in tincture, tea, capsule and bulk form. My products are organic, wild harvested and hand crafted.

It is of extreme importance to me, that I know the quality, purity and potency of the plant medicine I am using to make the most effective product for my clients.

I am also available for consultation, to discuss and treat specific ailments you may have.